Tacking up the EquineTrex

Illustration of the EquineTrex
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The EquineTrex is used with a saddle cloth. The central section is placed on a horse much as a saddle and the two side panels which provide an additional 20lbs of weight are attached when needed. The martingale and cinch strap are positioned. The advantage of this is that the horse can be initially exercised carrying about 75% of the total EquineTrex weight using the central panel only, then after several weeks the side panels may be added. It is the plastiformís constant adaptability during motion that ensures maximum benefit and safety for the race horse.

It is not necessary to go into the economic advantages of the EquineTrex system in lieu of a rider. Obviously a trainer will determine when the time for an exercise rider and race track environment are appropriate .

EquineTrex - $449 including tax shipped anywhere in North America.

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