The EquineTrex converts the benefits of an automatic exerciser to advanced total conditioning for your race horse based on sound principles of biomechanics and safety.

Revolutionary Design


The EquineTrex is used with a saddle cloth. The central section is placed on a horse much as a saddle and the two side panels, which provide an additional 20lbs of weight, are attached when needed. The martingale and cinch strap are positioned.

The advantage of this is that the horse can be initially exercised carrying about 75% of the total EquineTrex weight using the central panel only, then after several weeks the side panels may be added. It is the plastiformís constant adaptability during motion that ensures maximum benefit and safety for the race horse.

From Accu-Metrics, a leader in research, the EquineTrex is a continuously body conforming, soft, pliable, up to 80 lb, saddle-like device. It is tacked on a horse before going on the automatic exerciser. Your automatic exerciser then becomes a total conditioning program.

The EquineTrex instantly adapts and conforms to the horse's dynamic anatomical changes during exercise, and is designed to create maximum aerobic capacity while stimulating bone, muscle, ligament, tendon strength and development.

The EquineTrex is structured to ensure increased agility and muscle reactivity. It consist of a 60lb saddle-like device with 10lb panels which may be clipped on each side for a total of 80lbs of plastiform weight.

The EquineTrex is enclosed in an anti-bacterial double sheathed, impenetrable, cool-weave covering which can be hosed clean between uses.

A safer approach to horse training

The challenge of training is to balance conditioning with minimal risk of injury. Biomechanical studies have shown that the EquineTrex system is a safer approach than the use of a rider for early conditioning. Unexpected erratic movements often throw a horse off balance and can induce microscopic soft tissue damage.

The cost of the EquineTrex exercisers is $449, tax included, delivered in North America. Click here to order or call toll free: 1-877-842-4827.

Equinetic ships from its offices in Toronto, New York and California.